Custom Neurological Disorders Panels

The nervous system is an important regulating mechanism of the human body, which, together with the endocrine system and sensory organs, completes the regulation and control of the functions of various systems and organs of the human body, thus making the human body a complete unity and maintaining the balance of the internal and external environment. The function of the nervous system can be summed up in three points: adaptation, coordination and thinking. Abnormalities of the central and/or peripheral nerves may lead to neurological disorders.

CD-Genomics provides a series of panels related to neurological disorders, including more than 150 genes, which are mainly related to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, spinocerebellar ataxia, dystonia, congenital myasthenic syndrome, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. CD-Genomics offers a platform with amplicon sequencing and targeted enrichment sequencing methods, as well as Illumina MiSeq system and Ion PGM system to ensure high throughput and high-quality coverage of sequencing and help you accelerate research on biomarkers, targeted drugs, and disease-related mechanisms in neuroscience.

This panel contains 20 genes which related to ALS for your selection, including ALS2, OPTN, SPG11, and MATR3, etc.

This panel contain 5 genes, including ATXN1, ATXN2, ATXN3, ATXN6 and ATXN7.

This panel contain 25 genes, including TOR1A, THAP1 and GNAL.

This panel contain 23 genes, such as CHAT, GFPT1, COLQ and SLC25A1.

This panel contains 35 genes associated with Alzheimer's disease, including three main causative genes APP, PSEN1 and PSEN2.

This panel contains 46 genes associated with Parkinson's disease, including SNCA, UCH-L1, PARK7, and PINK1.

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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