Real-Time PCR Kits

CD Genomics' Real-time PCR kits apply modular and automated workflows to provide highly sensitive real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR kits.

Quantitative PCR (qPCR) can accommodate a wide range of target concentrations in a single well and can rapidly screen large numbers of samples simultaneously, making it ideal for molecular detection.

Our RT-PCR kits, allow for rapid, high-sensitivity gene expression detection and analysis, genotyping, and other automated workflows, through a sophisticated and rigorous oligonucleotide probe and primer design process. Our products are available for a wide range of research applications and purposes.

Explore Our Real-Time PCR Kits

We offer a wide range of pre-designed RT-PCR assays covering various molecular biology research areas and applications.

Pathogen Detection

qPCR is a culture-free, reliable and rapid pathogen detection tool with a wide range of applications including human, veterinary and agricultural pathogen detection and quantification, and antibiotic mutation detection.


Our kits enable high-throughput, rapid identification of alleles, from large structural variants to specific locus mutations, to obtain the relationship between environmental factors and genetic mutations.

Oncology Research

PCR-based oncogene detection kits help to better understand cancer mechanisms and disease progression by virtue of their relatively low cost and high efficiency, enabling rapid detection and quantification of the most popular oncogenes and biomarkers.

Customized Kits and Services

Can't find what you're looking for in our assay kit portfolio? You can view our custom non-NGS assay services (MassARRAY, Multiplex Snapshot, MLPA, and ARMS-PCR) and target-enrichment panels (based on amplicon sequencing and hybridization capture).

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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