RNA Cancer Panel

Targeted RNA Sequencing in Cancer Research

RNA Cancer Panel

RNA sequencing has revolutionized cancer research and therapy by enabling transcriptome profiling at unprecedented resolution. Its applications in biomarker discovery, characterizing cancer heterogeneity, understanding drug resistance, studying the tumor microenvironment, and advancing cancer immunotherapy have propelled the field forward. As technology progresses, addressing challenges and exploring opportunities will further enhance the impact of RNA sequencing in cancer research and clinical practice.

To characterize the phenotype of tumor-microenvironment interactions, various sequencing approaches are employed. CD Genomics RNA Cancer Panel is typically performed using next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies, which enable high-throughput and sensitive analysis of RNA expression levels. This solution allows for the simultaneous profiling of thousands of RNA molecules in a single experiment, providing a comprehensive view of the cancer's molecular characteristics.

CD RNA Fusion Gene Panel detecting 307 clinically relevant fusions over 23 genes is available on our website.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Allows for simultaneous analysis of up to 1385 genes related to gene expression information, variant calling, and fusion detection
  • Uses only 1 µL of biological sample (10 ng RNA or 20 - 100 ng FFPE RNA) focused on cancer-related RNA transcripts
  • Low-input protocol can work with blood, bone marrow, and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples, or other limited or degraded RNA samples
  • Exceptional data quality through our in-house sequencing platforms
  • All assays are subject to CD Genomics' strict technical validation and quality control procedures

Specifications of CD RNA Fusion Gene Panel

Target Enrichment Methods CDAMP - Amplicon sequencing
Sequencing PlatformIllumina
Number of Genes307 clinically relevant fusions over 23 genes
Sample TypeFFPE RNA: 20 - 100 ng
Extracted RNA: 10 ng

More details.

Specifications of CD RNA Cancer Panel

Target Enrichment Methods Amplicon sequencing
Sequencing PlatformIllumina
Number of Genes84 genes
Sample TypeExtracted RNA: 10 ng

Specifications of CD RNA Cancer Panel Pro

Target Enrichment Methods CDAMP - Amplicon sequencing
Sequencing PlatformIllumina, Thermo Fisher
Number of Targets1,385 targets
Sample TypeFFPE RNA: 20 - 100 ng
Extracted RNA: 10 ng
Cells: 3000 cells

How Does it Work

Our Cancer NGS Panel works by leveraging next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology to revolutionize the understanding of cancer and its treatment.

RNA Cancer Panel


Accurate Cancer Subtyping for Personalized Treatment

Our RNA Cancer Panel offers unparalleled accuracy in classifying and subtyping different types of cancer. By analyzing specific RNA markers associated with various cancer subtypes, we enable clinicians and researchers to make precise diagnoses and tailor treatment plans to each patient's unique molecular profile. This level of precision ensures optimal therapeutic strategies and improved patient outcomes.

Unveiling Novel RNA Biomarkers

At CD Genomics, we are committed to discovering novel RNA biomarkers that have transformative implications for cancer diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment response monitoring. Our RNA Cancer Panel employs cutting-edge technology and robust bioinformatics analysis to identify these biomarkers, providing clinicians with valuable tools to detect cancer at earlier stages, assess disease progression, and guide therapeutic decision-making.

Comprehensive Molecular Profiling for Profound Insights

We offer a comprehensive molecular profiling service utilizing our RNA Cancer Panel, which provides an extensive panorama of the genomic landscape of tumors. By detecting specific genetic alterations, gene fusions, and gene expression patterns, our platform equips researchers and clinicians with a profound understanding of the molecular characteristics of cancer. This knowledge serves as the foundation for developing targeted therapies and uncovering potential therapeutic vulnerabilities.

Deciphering the Complexities of Cancer Heterogeneity

Acknowledging the intricate heterogeneity of cancer, our RNA Cancer Panel enables meticulous analysis of intra-tumor heterogeneity at the molecular level. By identifying distinct cell populations within a tumor, distinguished by unique RNA expression profiles, our platform empowers researchers to gain critical insights into tumor evolution, clonal dynamics, and resistance mechanisms. This understanding plays a pivotal role in designing tailored treatment regimens and effectively monitoring disease progression.

Provocative Insights for Treatment Response Prediction

Our RNA Cancer Panel offers provocative insights into treatment response by analyzing the expression levels of genes associated with drug sensitivity or resistance. This valuable information aids clinicians in selecting the most effective therapeutic approaches, avoiding unnecessary treatments, and maximizing treatment efficacy for individual patients. With our panel, clinicians can make well-informed decisions and significantly improve patient outcomes.

Expediting Clinical Trials and Advancing Research

Our RNA Cancer Panel plays an indispensable role in expediting cancer research and clinical trials. By identifying patients with specific RNA profiles, our platform facilitates patient selection and stratification, leading to more efficient trial designs and enabling the development of targeted therapies. Our panel augments research capabilities, bringing us closer to breakthroughs in cancer treatment.

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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