EBV Detection Panels

EBV Detection Panels

Brief Introduction

Infection-associated cancers are on the rise worldwide. Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) is a free double-stranded DNA virus that latently infects B cells, T cells, NK cells, and epithelial cells and is associated with nasopharyngeal carcinoma, lymphoma and other tumors. Sensitive and comprehensive pathogen detection techniques are essential to understanding the microbial spectrum associated with lymphomagenesis and its contribution to the progression to high-grade lymphoma. PCR is an inexpensive, rapid, and sensitive option, but it lacks the ability to detect the presence of a large number of organisms simultaneously. Sequencing provides the most comprehensive and unbiased information for microbial detection and discovery, but is relatively expensive and time-consuming.

CD Genomics understands the challenges involved and recommends our easy-to-use EBV PCR Assay Kits and EBV Target Enrichment Panels, which include all the necessary reagents optimized for EBV detection and identification to ensure the accuracy and reproducibility of your results.

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Our EBV PCR Detection Panel Kits

Our EBV PCR Kits contain amplification and internal control for rapid detection and quantification of EBV in samples, accelerating your disease research and antiviral drug development.

Product Name Cat. No. Size Features
CD® EBV Detection Panel Kit PNV120 25/100 High specificity and sensitivity;
No cross-react with any other herpesviruses or pathogens;
Combinable with other PCR systems.

Our EBV Target Enrichment Panel Kits

Our EBV Target Enrichment Kit captures the complete EBV gene sequences in a single assay. Combined with our sequencing and Bioinformatics services to evaluate EBVs. They feature:

  • Covering all common types of EBVs
  • Rapid workflow for library preparation and target enrichment
  • Reducing sequencing cost and analysis time
Product Name Cat. No. Size Features
CDCAP® EBV Capture Kit PN010 24/96/384 Hybridization capture;
Broadly detecting 61 EBV subtypes;
High specificity and sensitivity;
Analysis of viral variants, mutations, and integration sites.

Please contact us about customized targeted next-generation sequencing services and bioinformatics analysis if additional virus types are required.

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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