Bioinformatics Analysis Service

Bioinformatics Analysis Service


Many diseases occur due to mutations in genes, including Mendelian diseases caused by single-gene mutations, and complex genetic diseases caused by the accumulation of mutations in linked or unlinked genomic regions, e.g., cancer and metabolic diseases. With the development of next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies and the advent of the post-genomic era, scientists can narrow down the genomic regions of interest by target-specific sequencing or obtain information on the entire DNA sequence, including chromosomal and mitochondrial DNA by whole-genome sequencing strategy. However, next-generation sequencing generates large amounts of data, even targeted sequencing (>1Mb). Therefore, extensive and time-consuming bioinformatics analysis is required, limiting project progress and disease study progression.

CD Genomics offers customized bioinformatics solutions for NGS data to streamline your research. We facilitate the identification of genetic variant loci related to genetic diseases, tumors, metabolic disorders, etc., and promote the integration of disease genesis research and translational medicine.

Related Services

Our NGS and bioinformatics analysis platforms combine affordable cost, optimized data processing capabilities, enhanced computational power, and many other advantages to provide customized analysis services, including but not limited to:

  • Analysis of exons, introns, promoter sequences, or other highly conserved regions of biological significance
  • Genetic variant locus analysis. SNP variants, DNA deletions and insertions (Indel), structural variants (SV), copy number variants (CNV) and rearrangements
  • Whole-exome sequencing analysis. Covering 22,000 human protein-coding genes, identifying rare and ab initio prediction of mutations
  • Genome-wide association study analysis. Analyzing associations between variants and phenotypic characteristics of individuals in a population
  • Drug target prediction and analysis
  • Customize disease database, and preclinical and clinical data analysis tailored to your needs

Highlights of Our Bioinformatics Analysis Services

  • Easy access to analysis results even without a priori knowledge of bioinformatics analysis
  • Interoperability with our NGS panels to generate corresponding optimized analysis results
  • Standardized laboratory methods and strict quality control to ensure the accuracy and reproducibility of sequencing and analysis results
  • Excellent team of scientists to keep up with the current frontiers of disease genomics and pharmacogenomics to support optimized analysis recommendations
  • Complete confidentiality process to ensure the security and privacy of all your data and results

Bioinformatics Analysis Workflow

CD Genomics provides accurate and cost-effective bioinformatics analysis services. Our professional expert team executes quality management, following every procedure to ensure confident and unbiased results.

Gene panel workflow

If you have additional requirements or questions, please feel free to contact us.


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