Pathogen tNGS Detection Panel

Overview of tNGS Technology

Pathogen targeted Next-Generation Sequencing (tNGS) stands as a widely embraced technology for the identification of pathogenic microorganisms. This approach predominantly follows two primary technical pathways: The first involves enriching target sequences through multiplexed amplicons, culminating in the formation of sequencing libraries. The second entails introducing a probe hybridization step. This step aims to capture the target segments from libraries, thus augmenting the concentration of pathogenic sequences.

The former methodology permits the realization of multiple amplifications using thousands of amplicons. Despite its relatively simple and expedited experimental procedures, this technique exhibits a certain degree of instability and an associated risk of amplification failures. In contrast, the latter approach boasts greater scalability. Commercially available solutions of this kind leverage millions of probes to achieve a detection breadth akin to that of metagenome sequencing (mNGS). Consequently, this method addresses a key challenge posed by mNGS, namely the removal of host sequences through forward screening.

CD Genomics also provides Pathogens Capture Sequencing (tNGS) service.

Our tNGS Pathogen Panel

CDCAP Pathogen Panel stands as a cutting-edge tNGS solution utilizing hybridization capture. This innovative panel zeroes in on a meticulously curated array of signature sequences, thoughtfully chosen from a vast pool of pathogen genomes, encompassing viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Encompassing an extensive spectrum including 16S/ITS, housekeeping genes, drug-resistance-associated genes, and beyond, the panel's design is a testament to its comprehensiveness.

Through leveraging the robustness of probes, the panel achieves an elegant equilibrium between size and fault tolerance. With approximately 8,000 carefully selected probes, the panel is thoughtfully streamlined, yet without compromise on its information-enrichment capacity. This strategic design choice effectively democratizes its applications by significantly reducing the entry barrier.

Pathogen tNGS Detection Panel

Benefits of Our tNGS Pathogen Panel

  • Extensive Pathogen Representation: Our probes comprehensively target hundreds of pathogenic species, spanning viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. This assures a thorough disease spectrum coverage and a broad-ranging detection capability.
  • Multifaceted Design Approach: While offering a universal probe for 16S/ITS regions to support broad-spectrum detection, we've taken a step further by crafting probes tailored to genes linked with drug resistance and virulence. This precision augments pathogen characterization accuracy.
  • Pinpoint Probe Targeting Precision: Employing advanced probe targeting technology, we achieve maximal analytical prowess with minimal probes. This synergy enhances detection speed and elevates the quality of information acquisition.
  • Streamlined tNGS Efficiency: We deliver a cost-effective, precise solution for pathogen analysis. This approach curtails testing expenses and expedites the delivery of results.
  • Customization: Our design permits flexible customization, enabling the incorporation of specific probes to meet unique testing requisites. This not only accommodates diverse needs but also facilitates future enhancements and combined applications.
  • RNA and DNA Pathogen Capture: Beyond capturing DNA pathogens, our probes embrace RNA pathogens. This extension broadens the scope and depth of pathogen analysis, augmenting the diagnostic panorama

Product Specifications

Service Specifications

Sample Requirements

  • Peripheral blood, cerebrospinal fluid, urine, joint cavity fluids and other body fluids, wax blocks and non-pulmonary tissues
Service Specifications


  • Illumina MiSeq / NextSeq
Service Specifications

Bioinformatics Analysis

  • Raw data analysis and QC
  • Pathogen estimated concentration (copies/mL)
  • Resistance information
  • Mutation analysis

Workflow of Targeted NGS Panel

Workflow of Targeted NGS Panel

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