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Tumor is a new organism formed by the abnormal proliferation of cells, and caused by the loss of normal regulation to local tissues by cells under the action of various factors. Tumor is a genetic disease whose biological basis is genetic abnormality. Tumorigenic factors cause somatic gene mutations, leading to normal gene dysfunction and gene expression disorder, which affects the biological activity and genetic characteristics of cells, and forms tumor cells that are different from normal cells in morphology, metabolism and function. The occurrence of tumor is the result of multi-gene and multi-step mutation. Mutations in different genes and in different intensities form different tumors.

Next-generation sequencing (NGS), as a new molecular biology technology, has the advantages of high throughput, high sensitivity and low cost. It is an important means to explore the molecular pathogenesis of solid tumors and develop targeted drugs.

CD-Genomics provides targeted NGS sequencing and a series of panels that are related to common solid tumors, such as breast cancer, melanoma, glioma, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer, to accelerate your research on targeted drug development or the biology of solid tumor.


This panel contains 35 ovarian cancer-related genes for you to choose, such as BRCA1, TP53 and PTEN.

This panel contains 28 melanoma-related genes, including NRAS, BRAF, CDKN2A, MDM2 and other genes. You can select the gene you are interested in to build an exclusive custom panel.

This is an optimized gene panel containing 19 genes associated with prostate cancer. You can select the gene you are interested in to build an exclusive custom panel.

This is an optimized gene panel for renal cancer that contains 30 genes, such as VHL, associated with an increased risk of renal cancer.

This panel contains 50 sarcoma-related genes, such as ATM, ATR, ERCC2 and TP53.

This panel contains 50 genes related to cancer hotspot mutations, and is a collection of common mutations in many cancers.

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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