Solid Tumor Whole Genome Sequencing

Solid Tumor Whole Genome Sequencing


Targeted gene sequencing technologies, including gene panels and exome sequencing, may miss the mining of key oncogenic drivers due to allele loss or inherent bias in the targeting approach, whether by hybridization or amplicon sequencing methods. In contrast, cancer whole genome sequencing (WGS) has broad coverage and does not favor certain regions of the genome, which can improve the overall variant detection accuracy and copy number variation. Tumor whole genome sequencing can provide a more comprehensive focus on tumor mutation burden (TMB) and mutation characteristics, which can help study the sensitivity of populations or individuals to targeted drugs and develop new options for targeted therapies.

CD Genomics offers a comprehensive analysis service based on next generation sequencing (NGS) assay of samples to characterize the whole genome landscape of many kinds of solid tumors. With specialized bioinformatic analysis, single nucleotide variants (SNVs), multiple nucleotide variants (MNVs), insertions and deletions (indels) and structural variants (SVs) associated with tumor risk, tumorigenesis and recurrence, biomarkers, etc. can be identified.

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Service Specifications

Service Specifications

Sample Requirements

  • Sample types: genomic DNA, formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues
  • Recommended amount: ≥ 2 μg
  • Purity: 1.8 ≤ OD260/280 ≤ 2.0, OD260/230 ≥ 2.0
  • Collection: DNA samples (stored in TE buffer or equivalent), FFPE samples (recommended cryopreservation). Please make sure that the DNA is not degraded.
Service Specifications


  • Illumina NextSeq
  • Recommended sequencing depth: ≥50×
Service Specifications

Bioinformatics Analysis

  • Turnaround time: within 6 weeks
  • Primary analysis: FASTQ to annotated VCF. Read alignment, Somatic SNP/Indel/CNV/SV/TMB detection and annotation
  • Secondary analysis: statistical and pathway analysis, NMF mutation characterization, driver gene prediction
  • Tertiary analysis: susceptibility gene screening, variants analysis, structure analysis, tumor purity and ploidy analysis
  • Custom bioinformatics analysis

Workflow of Our Service

CD Genomics concentrates on using cutting-edge molecular profiling techniques to advance the genetic basis and developmental mechanisms of genetic diseases, cancer, and other important diseases. Our rapid NGS workflow can be adapted and optimized to your needs.

Workflow of Our Service

We also offer custom solid tumor panel services and cancer panels and sequencing services that target a wide range of common cancers and cancer hotspots, suitable for exploring the molecular pathogenesis and developing targeted drugs. For more information, please contact us.

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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