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Brief Introduction

A large number of viruses can individually and concurrently cause various respiratory illnesses, such as Flu A/B, RSV, PIV, AdV, and CoV. Owing to the rapid transmission of respiratory pathogens, respiratory viruses are continuously evolving, making them increasingly infectious and difficult to cure. Therefore, an accurate assessment of the evolution and dynamics of viruses is needed to understand the spread of the disease-causing virus strains in seemingly unrelated cases and to provide important epidemiological information.

CD Genomics has extensive expertise in the detection of DNA/RNA viruses and next-generation sequencing technology. We provide PCR Detection kits and Targeted Enrichment Panels for over 40 respiratory viruses, enabling you to maximize the detection of different respiratory viruses and associated mutations from a single sample in a short period of time.

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Our Respiratory Virus PCR Detection Panel Kits

Our PCR panels enable rapid, safe and accurate workflow of detecting common respiratory viruses, allowing you to:

  • Detect viruses in low loads, ≥10 RNA/DNA copies
  • Reduce turnaround time and labor costs
  • Target multiple viruses in a single assay
Product Name Cat. No. Size Brief Description
CD® Respiratory Virus Detection Kit PNRP101 1 Kit Detecting and genotyping Flu A/B, RSV A/B, PIV 1/2/3/4, AdV, MPV, BoV, RV, and EV, over 40 viruses.
CD® Respiratory Virus Flu/RSV Detection Kit PNRP102 1 Kit Detecting and genotyping Flu A/B, RSV A/B subtypes.
CD® Respiratory Virus AdV/EV/PIV/MPV Detection Kit PNRP103 1 Kit Detecting and genotyping PIV, AdV, MPV, and EV.
CD® Respiratory Virus AdV/CoV/RV/EV Detection Kit PNRP104 1 Kit Detecting and genotyping AdV, CoV, RV, and EV.

Our Respiratory Virus Target Enrichment Panel Kits

We offer diverse target enrichment panel products for targeted next-generation sequencing, suitable for most Illumina sequencers, which advance the discovery of novel viral species and in-depth analysis of viral evolution, variation, and co-infection. Our Panels allow you to:

  • Detect variants and mutations within a few hours
  • Gain confidence in results by unbiased genome-wide coverage (over 99%)
  • Detect viruses in poor quality samples and low viral loads
  • Significantly reduce sequencing costs and time
Product Name Cat. No. Size Brief Description
CDCAP® Respiratory Virus Panel Kit VN001 24/96/384 Detecting over 39 strains with hybridization-capture probes;
Suitable for analysis of viral evolution, viral surveillance, and drug resistance research.
CDAMP® Respiratory Virus Panel Kit VN002 24/96/384 Detecting over 39 strains with amplicon sequencing technology;
Suitable for analysis of viral evolution, viral surveillance, and drug resistance research.

Targets of Respiratory Virus Panel

Influenza A (Flu A H1/H3) Influenza B (Flu B) Respiratory Syncytial Virus A (RSV A)
Respiratory Syncytial Virus B (RSV B) Parainfluenza 1 (PIV-1) Parainfluenza 2 (PIV-2)
Parainfluenza 4 (PIV-4) Metapneumovirus (MPV) Coronavirus (NL63/HKU1/OC43)
Adenovirus (AdV C1/C2/B3/E4/C5/B14/B21) Rhinovirus (RV A/B/C) Bocavirus (BoV)
Enterovirus (EV C104/C105/C109/C117/C118)

Workflow for Target Enrichment Panel

Our NGS Panel kits generate high-quality sequencing libraries in less than 2 days, for hybridization capture or amplification prior to next-generation sequencing. They improve library conversion efficiency while reducing workflow complexity and hands-on time.


We also offer other comprehensive Respiratory Pathogens Panels, covering over 200 bacteria, viruses and AMR genes. And tailored bioinformatics analysis solutions are available for Respiratory Pathogen Target Enrichment panels. If you would like to learn more information about this, please contact us.

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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