CDAMP® 16S/ITS Panel

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Product Description: CDAMP® 16S/ITS Panel utilizes amplicon sequencing technology to design multiple primer pairs that target bacterial 16S rRNA gene variable regions and fungal ITS regions, and can be used to analyze microbial communities in a variety of samples. We support custom panels that target genomic regions of interest to you, including antibiotic-resistance gene (ARG) clusters and virulence factors.
Features: Ready-to-use and containing all necessary reagents for a rapid set-up. Fast and streamlined workflow enables library preparation in just few hours. The kit uses multiple overlapping amplicons to target 16S rRNA and ITS regions. All Kit components are subjected to stringent quality control, ensuring library preparation's consistency and reproducibility. Low-abundance and low-quality samples can be accurately detected by our kits.
Species: Bacteria and Fungi
Sequencing Platform: Illumina
Application: Suitable for metagenomic NGS analysis of complex microbial communities, including microbial taxonomy and pathogen detection. Supports customization of additional targets, including antibiotic resistance or virulence genes, allowing subgenus-level identification and functional analysis.
Method: Amplicon sequencing
* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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