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Product Description: CDAMP® BCR Panel amplifies B cell receptor heavy (IgH) and light (κ/λ) chains using multiple pairs of targeted primers, targeting Fc region. Suitable for use with the Illumina sequencing system. It can be used for NGS analysis-based immune repertoire analysis. This kit contains gene-specific primers, and molecular adapter reagents containing barcodes and labels. Research use only.
Features: Ready-to-use and containing all necessary reagents for a rapid set-up. Fast and streamlined workflow enables library preparation in just a few hours. Adaptable to low inputs (down to ng), compatible with low mass and tissue samples (e.g. frozen tissues and FFPE). All Kit components are subjected to stringent quality control, ensuring library preparation's consistency and reproducibility.
Sample Input Size : 25ng - 6μg
Species: Human
Sample Type: RNA
Sequencing Platform: Illumina
Application: Suitable for NGS analysis of complex immune repertoire analysis, and the discovery of rare mutations. It can be used to reveal the discovery of new infection factors and potentially aids the development of antibodies/vaccines, clinical diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.
Storage: Store at -30°C to -10°C
Method: Amplicon sequencing
Equipment Required: Illumina sequencer
* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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