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Product Description: The CD c-Kit RT-PCR Kit is based on polymerase chain reaction (PCR), using allele-specific primers to identify mutations in the c-KIT gene. KIT mutations are found in approximately 5% to 30% of genital warts, mucosal melanomas, and melanomas. KIT mutations mainly occur in exon 11, followed by exons 13, 17, and 18. KIT mutation detection is valuable for melanoma treatment, and the overall response rate to imatinib in melanoma patients with KIT mutations ranges from 16% to 23%.
Features: Below 5% Limit of Detection.
Works with FFPE, fresh frozen and FNA.
Simple setup and interpretation.
Includes internal controls.
Available as RUO.
Mutation COSMIC ID:
EX11_ p.V559D COSM1252
EX11_p.V559G COSM1253
EX11_p.V560D COSM1257
EX11_W557R COSM1216
EX17_p.D816H COSM1311
EX17_p.D816V COSM1314
EX11_p.L576P COSM1290
EX13_p.K642E COSM1304
EX9_p.Y503_F504insAY COSM12444
EX11_p.W557_E561del COSM18890
EX11_p.W557_K558del COSM12449
EX11_p.W557_V559>C COSM1233
EX11_p.W557_V559>F COSM1226
EX17_p.N822Y COSM19109
EX17_p.K818R COSM1315
EX17_p.N822H COSM1318
EX11_p.V559A COSM1255
EX11_p.W557G COSM1221
EX17_p.D820G COSM1316
EX17_p.D820Y COSM12710
EX17_p.N822K COSM1322
Sequencing Platform: Real-time PCR
Storage: Store in < -20℃ freezer. Repeated thawing and freezing should be avoided.
Method: Real-time qualitative PCR
Equipment Required: Real-time PCR instrument (FAM, ROX, CY5 and VIC)
Required Reagents: DNA extraction kit, pipettors and filter tips
ShippingCondition: Dry ice
* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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