CD Respiratory Pathogens Real-time PCR Kit

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RT005 100 tests


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Product Description: The CD Respiratory Pathogens Real-time PCR Kit is suitable for the qualitative detection of nucleic acids of 19 respiratory viruses and 6 bacteria isolated from nasopharyngeal swabs
Features: Comprehensive Panel: One test can identify 19 respiratory viruses and 6 bacterial species simultaneously.
Sensitivity: Detection of all targeted viruses and bacteria with high sensitivity.
Convenience: Genetree Viewer analysis software available for users to conveniently produce test results.
Clinical Performance: Clinical testing confirmed the high sensitivity and specificity.
Stability: Shelf life of up to 12 months.
Analytical Specificity: Testing of 31 species of microorganisms showed no cross reactivity.
Species: Respiratory virus
Sequencing Platform: Real-time PCR
Storage: Shelf life of 12 months at -20℃ (-4°F).
Method: Real-time qualitative PCR
Equipment Required: Real-time PCR Instrument
ShippingCondition: Dry ice
* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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