CD SP22 Spoilage Yeast and Mold SPID Detection Kit

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Product Infomation
Product Description: SP22 is a spoilage yeast and mold that can cause food spoilage. Microbiologists study SP22 to develop strategies to prevent and control its growth in food products. SPID, or Spoilage Yeast and Mold Identification, is a method used to identify and categorize different types of spoilage yeast and mold in food products. This technique enables food manufacturers to detect spoilage organisms early and take necessary action to prevent food spoilage, ensuring the safety and quality of their products. The kit is based on real-time PCR technology to detect SP22.
Features: 1.Microorganisms: Spoilage Bacteria
Qualitative detection of over 50 bacteria
Includes an internal control in every PCR reaction to ensure reliability
3.Validated samples:
Beverage, food, cosmetics, pharmacy, or environmental samples
4.Enrichment: 48 hours
5.PCR: 2.5 hours
6.Technology Multiplex quantitative PCR and melting curve analysis
7.Detection chemistry: Intercalant fluorophores (FAM Channel)
Kit Components:
• Preloaded PCR strip(s) or plate(s)
• Positive and negative controls
• Instructions for use
Species: SP22 Spoilage Yeast and Mold SPID
Sample Type: Food and environmental samples
Storage: Store at -20℃
Method: Real-time PCR
Equipment Required: Real-time PCR Instrument
ShippingCondition: Dry ice
* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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