CD Monkeypox Virus Multiplex Detection Kit

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Product Description: Monkeypox virus is a zoonotic virus that can cause a severe illness in humans, similar to smallpox. The virus is primarily transmitted to humans from animals, particularly rodents and primates, through contact with infected animals or their bodily fluids. The symptoms of monkeypox virus include fever, rash, and swollen lymph nodes, which can progress to severe and life-threatening complications. While monkeypox virus is rare, outbreaks have been reported in Africa and parts of the United States. The kit is based on real-time PCR technology to detect Monkeypox Virus.
Features: Component Quantity:
• Cell lysis buffer, 10 mL 3 bottles
• Cell lysis buffer enhancer, 100x, 100 µL 3 vials
• SapphiNStart TaqProbe qPCR Master Mix, 2X 1 mL
• Nuclease-free H2O 1 mL
• Multiplex primer/probe sets, in solution 600 µL
• Positive control (non-infectious: DNA: 1000 - 2000copies/ µL, cells: 400 - 500 counts/ µL) 100 µL
Species: Monkeypox Virus
Sample Type: Food samples
Storage: Upon receipt, store the cell lysis buffer enhancer, qPCR Master Mix, positive control. and Multiplex primer/probe sets at -20℃ in a manual defrost freezer. Store the nuclease-free H20 and cell lysis buffer at 4℃.
Method: Real-time PCR
Equipment Required: Multi-channel qPCR instrument supporting FAM and HEX dyes
Required Reagents: • DNA samples
• DNA isolation kit
• Heat blocks
• Microcentrifuge tubes
• qPCR plate or tube
ShippingCondition: Dry ice
* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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