CD Tumor Structure Variant 5% FFPE Standard

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Product Description: CD Tumor Structural Variant 5% FFPE Reference Standardis a highly characterized, biologically relevant FFPE quality control material covering a wide range of genetic variants, containing 8 ddPCR-validated copy number variants/amplifications, translocations and large fragment insertions/deletions, and high/low GC intra-regional variant loci.
Features: Quality Standards
(1)Fusion gene DNA mutation frequency is tesed by Droplet Digital PCR, the acceptance criteria as follows:
AF=0%, acceptable range ≤0.1%
0<AF<1%, acceptable error range = ±40%
1% ≤ AF <5%, acceptable error range = ±30%
5% ≤ AF ≤ 20%, acceptable margin of error = ± 20%
Copy number variation <5, acceptable error range = ±40%
5 ≤ copy number variation <10, acceptable error range = ±30%
Copy number variation ≥10, acceptable error range = ±20%
(2)Fusion gene RNA expression is tesed by End-Point RT-PCR.

Insertion: EGFR_A767_V769dup.
Deletion: EGFR ΔE746_A750.
Fusion: CD74(6)-ROS1(34),EML4(6)-ALK(20).
CNV: MET Amplification,ERBB2 Amplification.
Method: Quality Control Method: ddPCR
Concentration: DNA extraction amount ≥400 ng/volume
Application: CD Tumor Structural Variant 5% FFPE Reference Standard is used to evaluate each step of the entire process from sample extraction to quantification, helping to revise and monitor your experimental protocols, operational specifications and bioinformatics processes, etc., and to perform a range of subsequent applications.
Storage: Store at 2-8℃, 48 months.
* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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