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Product Description: The existence of multiple driver genes has been confirmed for many tumors, and many of them already have solutions corresponding to targeted drugs. The corresponding tumor concomitant diagnosis is playing an increasingly important role in guiding targeted therapy, suggesting drug resistance mechanism, guiding immunotherapy, and opening new drug development mode.

CD Tumor Companion Diagnostic Reference is available in the form of genomic DNA, tumor circulating DNA, and FFPE, which can meet the needs of negative and positive controls for kits, and corporate reference discs.
Features: •Cell-derived controls that highly mimic patient samples.
•gDNA/FFPE wax blocks/ctDNA/dry powder in a wide range of formats.
•Customizable for different mutation types (SNV, Del, Ins, Fusion, CNV, Knock out,).
•Mutation frequency can be customized from 1 in 1000.
Application: •Quality control products for corresponding molecular assay experiments.
•Optimization and validation of new assay procedures or kits.
•Sensitivity, accuracy and specificity of assay methods.
•Compare assay differences across platforms.
* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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