CD T21 3.5% cfDNA Plasma Reference

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NIPTR003 1.2 mL/stem


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Product Description: CD T21 3.5% cfDNA Plasma Reference uses human-derived cell line-derived gDNA as raw material, which is incorporated into human-derived plasma through fragmentation to simulate real clinical samples, and can monitor the process quality control of sample extraction, library preparation and up-sequencing of the non-invasive prenatal test kit.
Features: Fetal sex: male.
Chromosome abnormality type: chromosome aneuploidy and pCNV.
cfDNA concentration: 5-15 ng/mL.
Solute: natural plasma.
Sample Type: Cell line source artificially fragmented gDNA mixed with natural plasma.
Application: •In-house quality control to assess the stability of experimental and analytical processes.
•Negative reference/quality control for reagent kits.
•Methodological comparison.
Concentration: 15 ng/mL
* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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