CD Respiratory Virus AdV/CoV/RV/EV Detection Kit

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PNRP104 1 Kit


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Product Description: CD Respiratory AdV/CoV/RV/EV Virus Detection Panel Kit is specially designed to detect and identify common respiratory viruses at the same time. This panel can detect specific sequences from a virus associated with respiratory tract infections rapidly and exactly, providing researchers with a fast and easy workflow to investigate interested viral targets.
CD Respiratory Virus Detection Panel Kit consists of a real-time PCR Master Mix, Primers-probes, dNTPs, Buffer, and Positive/Negative Control.
Features: Top sensitivity of detecting ≥10 RNA/DNA copies for multiple respiratory virus. Fast and streamlined workflow enables the real-time PCR test within 120min.
Species: Respiratory Virus
Application: Our ready-to-use Respiratory Virus Detection panels are suitable for: Detection and identification of multiple viruses, including subtypes. Prediction of drug resistance for clinical research.
Storage: All the components should be stored at -20℃.
Method: PCR
Shipping Condition: Ice package
* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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