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Product Description: CDAMP® 16S Panel utilizes amplicon sequencing technology to design multiple primer pairs that target variable regions (V1-V9) of the 16s rRNA and can be used to analyze microbial communities in a variety of samples. We support custom panels that target genomic regions of interest to you, including antibiotic-resistance gene (ARG) clusters and virulence factors.
Features: Ready-to-use and containing all necessary reagents for a rapid set-up. Fast and streamlined workflow enables library preparation in just few hours. The kit uses multiple overlapping amplicons to target the 16S rRNA V1-V9 variable region. All Kit components are subjected to stringent quality control, ensuring library preparation's consistency and reproducibility. Low-abundance and low-quality samples can be accurately detected by our kits.
Amplicon Length : 425 bp
Number of Primer Pools: 23
Sample Input Size : 1–50 ng
Species: Bacteria
Sequencing Platform: Illumina
Application: Suitable for metagenomic NGS analysis of complex microbial communities, including microbial taxonomy and pathogen detection. Supports customization of additional targets, including antibiotic resistance or virulence genes, allowing subgenus-level identification and functional analysis.
Method: Amplicon sequencing
* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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