CD Murine Norovirus (MNV) Process Control RT-PCR Kit

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Product Description: Murine Norovirus (MNV) is a species of norovirus that infects mice. It was first identified in 2003 and is related to the human noroviruses that cause gastroenteritis. MNV has a positive-sense, single-stranded RNA genome of about 7.5 kb and belongs to the family Caliciviridae. MNV is transmitted by fecal-oral route and can cause persistent infection in both immunocompetent and immunodeficient mice3. This kit is based on real-time reverse transcription PCR to detect murine norovirus (MNV).
Features: PCR cycler platforms: Validated for use with the Agilent AriaMxTM, Bio-Rad CFX96 TouchTM and CFX96 TouchTM Deep Well PCR platforms.
Kit components:
1. 1× OligoMix MNV*, vial with pua rple cap with priprimers andmersand probe for MNV RNA, 530 μL, store at -20℃ ± 2℃, do not freeze/thaw more than 3 times.
2. 1× BasicMix* Food, vial with white cap, 265 μL, store at -20℃ ± 2℃, do not freeze/thaw more than 3 times.
3. 1× Murine Norovirus, 1 vial with transparent cap, 1 mL, store at -20℃ ± 2℃, do not freeze/thaw more than 3 times.
4. 1× Negative Control, vial with transparent cap, 500 μL, store at -20℃ ± 2℃.
5. 1× Molecular grade water, white bottle, 30 mL, ststoreore at room temperature.
Species: Murine Norovirus (MNV)
Sample Type: Soft fruits, leaf, stem and bulb vegetables, bottled water, bivalve molluscan shellfish
Method: Real-time RT-PCR
Equipment Required: Real-time PCR Instrument
ShippingCondition: Dry ice
* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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