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Product Description: DNA protection mechanisms protect the genome from damage caused by environmental factors or spontaneously generated during DNA metabolism. In addition, mutations in other HRR-related genes, such as PALB2, CDK12, RAD51, CHEK2, ATM, or methylation of the BRCA1 promoter, as well as other unknown causes, can lead to genomic instability.
CD HRR Reference contains mutations related to the HRR pathway and can be customized in the form of gDNA, ctDNA or FFPE, which are ideal reference products for HRR test kit registration and daily quality control of HRR tests.
Features: •Cell line origin: closer to clinical samples.
•Cover most of the HRR pathway genes: >24 HRR-related genes, >170 mutated loci.
•Customizable for Pathogenic, likely Pathogenic, VUS, likely benign, benign mutation loci of clinical significance.
•Flexible customization options: mix specific mutation sites and select corresponding mutation frequencies to one product.
•Wide range of customizable mutation frequencies: 0%-100%.
•Multiple product formats available: gDNA, ctDNA, FFPE.
•Loci validated by ddPCR: absolute quantification of AF.
Target Size: Mutations in HRR-related pathway genes. For example: BRCA1, BRCA2, ATM, ATR, BARD1, BLM, BRIP1, CDK12, CHEK1, CHEK2, FANCA, FANCC, FANCD2, FANCE, FANCF, FANCI, FANCL, FANCM, NBN, PALB2, RAD50, RAD51. RAD51B, RAD51D, RAD54L, RPA1 and other gene-related mutations
Sample Type: gDNA
Application: •HRR test kits corporate reference products.
•HRR test kits within the negative reference.
•Parallel comparison of HRR assay kits..
•HRR assay daily quality control product.
•HRR assay inter-room quality assessment.
Method: Digital PCR and others
* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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