CD Respiratory Virus AdV/EV/PIV/MPV Detection Kit

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PNRP103 1 Kit


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Product Description: CD Respiratory AdV/HEV/PIV/MPV Virus Detection Panel Kit is specially designed to detect and identify common respiratory viruses at the same time. This panel can detect specific sequences from viruses associated with respiratory tract infections rapidly and exactly, providing researchers with a fast and easy workflow to investigate interested viral targets.
CD Respiratory Virus Detection Panel Kit consists of a real-time PCR Master Mix, Primers-probes, dNTPs, Buffer, and Positive/Negative Control.
Features: Top sensitivity of detecting ≥10 RNA/DNA copies for multiple respiratory virus. Fast and streamlined workflow enables the real-time PCR test within 120min.
Species: Respiratory Virus
Application: Our ready-to-use Respiratory Virus Detection panels are suitable for: Detection and identification of multiple viruses, including subtypes. Prediction of drug resistance for clinical research.
Storage: All the components should be stored at -20℃.
Method: PCR
Shipping Condition: Ice package
* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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