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VNAR002 1 kit


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Product Description: Viruses are tiny, simple non-cellular organisms that consist of a long chain of nucleic acids and a protein shell, contain only one nucleic acid (DNA or RNA), and must parasitize and proliferate in a replicative manner in living cells. In a typical viral nucleic acid test, the primary problem faced by the testing laboratory is to obtain the viral nucleic acid from the sample isolation, followed by its detection and identification and subsequent treatment of the patient based on the test results.

CD can customize reference materials in different nucleic acid forms, product forms and sizes according to the needs of viral nucleic acid testing.
Features: Viral genome coverage region: custom region of your choice, whole genome
Internal reference genes: RnaseP, GAPDH, whole genome or full-length RNA, other multiple gene mixes
Sample Type: In vitro transcribed RNA, pseudovirus
Method: Digital PCR
* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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