CD TMB-6-N gDNA Reference

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TMBR008 1μg/tube


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Product Description: Tumor Mutation Burden (TMB) is defined as the total number of substitutions and insertions/deletions per megabase in the exon coding region of the evaluated gene in a tumor genome. predict the efficacy of immunotherapy.
CD TMB-6-N gDNA Reference Reference is obtained from tumor cells and leukocytes from the same patient sample. The cells are cultured and mixed in a certain ratio to produce FFPE, gDNA, and ctDNA controls. The controls are subjected to WES sequencing, calculation of paired sample TMB values, and ddPCR validation. Also, clinical samples with different tumor contents can be simulated by mixing tumor and normal cells.
Features: •TMB reference values:13.02
•Cell-derived plasmid that highly mimics patient samples.
•Abundant product formats such as gDNA/FFPE wax blocks/ctDNA
•Paired plasmids available for filtering germline mutations.
•Complete WES sequencing data, TMB reference values, and raw signal flow.
•Paired controls with TMB values covering multiple gradients from 2 to 28
•Clinical samples with different tumor contents can be simulated.
Method: Quality Control Method: WES and Digital PCR
Species: Leukocytes
Sample Type: gDNA
Application: •Quality control products for corresponding molecular assay experiments.
•Optimization and validation of new assay procedures or kits.
•Sensitivity, accuracy and specificity of assay methods.
•Compare assay differences across platforms.
Storage: Store at 2-8℃, 24 months.
* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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